Steve Fracol, SOC



Steve Fracol’s artistic career can be tracked all the way back to the 5th grade when his drawing of George Washington garnered the attention of his entire school. And it was this interest in drawing, painting, and sculpting that would later earn Steve a scholarship from the Friends of the Arts-Kansas City to attend the prestigious Kansas City Art Institute.


 In 1986, Steve’s professional career began in earnest as a handheld cameraman shooting college football and basketball, professional soccer and wrestling as well as rock headliners of day: Bockman Turner Overdrive, Leon Russell, and Edgar Winter, just to name a few.  But it wasn’t until 1987, when Steve landed a job with Kansas City’s public television station, that he cut his teeth in the art of visual storytelling; an art form he quickly mastered and one that would lead to jobs shooting news for Kansas City’s NBC affiliate where he won the first of five regional Emmy Awards at the age of 24.


 Later, after accepting an offer from a prominent Kansas City production company, Steve traveled the United States shooting for a variety of high-profile clients including Wal-Mart, Sprint, Yellow Freight, Utilicorp, Hallmark Cards, and Anheiser Busch.


 Then in 1994, Steve and his wife Stacey started their own company and on January 1, 1994, New Vision Pictures was born. In just a few short months, Steve would build a business – and a solid reputation – shooting award-winning news promotions for television stations across the county. In addition, he was quickly building a client base and a standing among Kansas City’s Advertising community as a DP/Director of choice for both local and national ad campaigns.


As owner and operator of his Arriflex and Sony cameras, Steve would become, over the next ten years, a very prominent Director of Photography shooting for Directors and Producers in New York, Los Angeles, and all points in between.  But it was Steve’s love of movies and passion for beautiful, motivated camera movement that would be the driving force in the next phase of his professional evolution.


In 2004, Steve took a bold step back on a firmly established career path and entered the world of Steadicam, the cinematic tool of choice for powerful, visual storytelling. Though Steve had ten years of hands-on experience with Steadicam, those jobs were sporadic at best, off-and-on gigs that would not, could not, allow for the proficiency and expertise that Steve knew he would need to compete in this exciting, challenging, and personally rewarding world of Camera Operating. So that spring, Steve completed the first of two very intense Steadicam Operators Association Workshops in Pennsylvania.  This would lead Steve down a path of making movies that eventually moved him and his family to Los Angeles.  Over the next ten years he found himself working on a variety of Hollywood based feature films as well as multiple seasons on TV shows such as My Boys (TBS), Sons of Anarchy (FX) and Scandal (ABC).  Steve and his family continue to live in Thousand Oaks, California and he bases his work from the Los Angeles market.