SOC Award for Scandal...WOW!


Sorry I have not written in the blog for a long time...I been really busy 65-70 hours a week the past 4 years working on Scandal.

Words can't even begin to describe the natural high one can get from winning this prestigious award from the Society of Camera Operators.  I feel very blessed and honored.  

I absolutely must give an enormous amount of credit to Jack Messitt, SOC our B camera operator and the rest of the Scandal camera team and our dolly grips.  

Jon Zarkos     A cam Key 1st AC 

Tony Schultz  A cam 2nd AC

Rick "Barney" Maxey A cam dolly grip

Jack Messitt, SOC B cam operator

Emily Mackley B cam 1st AC

Gayle Hillary B cam 2nd AC

Eugene Rivera B cam dolly grip

Andrew Lemon Digital Image Technician

George Montejano Utility

Oliver Bokelberg, ASC Director of Photography

Daryn Okada, ASC alternating Director of Photography


Make no mistake that it takes every one of these people and all of those folks in post/editing to bring you the images that makes Scandal look like Scandal.  I was lucky enough to be given the award but I truly share this award with EVERYONE on the TEAM.  SCANDAL is a TEAM EFFORT!





FracolVision, Inc. Blog...

Welcome to the launch of the latest version of my web site,  Thanks for taking time to check things out.  From time to time I will log in and write about what I am working on and how we achieved certain looks or shots or whatever I can share about what I am currently working on.  

You might also read about my latest bike riding adventures.  Yes, I love to ride bikes.  Road bikes and mountain bikes it does not matter...I just love riding bikes.  

Thanks again and hope to see you visiting again soon.



About my Director of Photography work...

Hello everyone,

The scenes you see on my Director of Photography page is some of my very latest DP work.   

Although I spent 22 years in the film industry in the midwest before moving to LA, 14 of those years I spent working as a midwest Director of Photography.  I owned an Arriflex SRII for about 11 years as well as a BetaCam and eventually a High Def Panasonic Varicam.  I built a very strong business and won 5 regional Emmy awards from the St. Louis and Detroit chapters respectively for my commercial work.  I shot commercials, documentaries, corporate and many TV News image campaigns in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City and Minneapolis.  I sort of became one of the bigger fish in that pond but I knew I had more to learn.  

Every now and then an LA or NY job would come through my town and bring DP's from LA or NY to shoot them.  I would either supply them gear or operate a 2nd camera, etc.  I really enjoyed working beside them and watching them work.  I was learning from them and many of them had new ideas, a new approach that I had not seen or thought of.  That really opened my eyes and I realized I had more to learn.  That led me to an interesting decision.  In 2004 I took a bold step backward and became a full time Steadicam/camera operator but at a much higher level from my midwest work.  This huge change in my life created opportunities for me to work on more "drama" related work like feature films and TV shows based from Hollywood.  (This explains why I became a full time operator and let go of the DP thing.)

I decided in 2004 that I wanted to spend about 10 years operating for great DP's, learn all I can and then make my move back up to DP.  I spent the past 10 years honing my skills as an operator while all that time learning from some of the very best DP's working in the business today.  Oscar winner Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC, indie feature DP Phil Parmet and Television DP's like David Boyd, ASC, John Flynn III, ASC and Oliver Bokelberg, ASC.  2014 marks my 10th year as an operator so hopefully this year will be my year to move back up to DP full time.  I am always looking for projects to shoot, features, commercials, etc.

Ironically in 2014 I happened to be nominated as Camera Operator of the Year in Television for my work on the TV show, Scandal.  How ironic that nomination came in my 10th year as an operator.  I am very honored and humbled by such a high honor.

Thanks for reading...


About my Steadicam Work...

I have been nominated as one of five operators for the Camera Operator of the Year in Television from the Society of Camera Operators. What you see in the Steadicam page is a 5 minute cut that our "Scandal" editors put together (both Steadicam and other operating) for the SOC's Active Membership to vote on for 2014 Camera Operator of the Year.  

I am honored to have been nominated for such a prestigious award.  Just being nominated feels like I won!  I never expected this and did not see it coming.  The other operators and shows nominated are Nick Davidoff for Homeland, Kenji Luster for Body of Proof, James Reid for American Horror Story and Don Divine for Mad Men.

I am working on putting some new Steadicam work together for this page as well as showing some of the longer shots I have done but I have not yet had time to edit things together.  Keep looking... they will be posted up here soon.

Thanks for reading...


About my Artwork...

I have been drawing and painting my whole life.  I choose to put up some of my very early works from high school because I am most proud of the work that got me started.  Mr. Martin Brock my high school art teacher was the first person that told me I had a talent for art and photography and that I should seriously consider doing something in that field.  He believed in me and gave me the courage to believe in myself and to push towards a bigger and better life.  At that time all I was interested in was becoming an art teacher like him so that I could also help kids like myself grow into something more than anyone expected of them.  I would have never guessed that my artwork and photography would have led me into the film business but it did.  I am forever grateful to Mr. Brock for his teaching style and his friendship.

So you get to enjoy some of my work from 1983 (Jeep CJ from Baja 1000) , 1984 (Angus Young AC/DC)and 1985 ("Nadia" face painting) along with some of my latest work from just last year.  

Some of what you see are still works in progress.  And one of them the old Sony Betacam is nearly 20 years old.  I just can't bring myself to finish it because it has an interesting look as it is just about 1/3rd of the way complete.  Most likely I will start on that one again soon however.

My latest work is the motorcycle painting and it is not done yet but I am enjoying it.  Here is the story behind that painting.  I was working on Sons of Anarchy season 3 and during a series of motorcycle drive by's the cast would turn around down the road and head back to the start for another take.  I pulled out my iphone knowing that there might be some really cool motion blur and boy oh boy was there.  That is a shot of Mark Boone Jr. "Bobby" on his custom old school hard tail.  Every time he road past me he tossed a really cool look right at me.  The photo that came from that iphone was amazing.  I knew that one day I was going to paint it.  So you get to enjoy it a bit early as it is still not complete.  Of course I will update the paintings as I complete them.


About my Photography...

The photos you see on my site are not shot and sold as a means of me making a living.  I strictly shoot photos on my own time for the purpose of my art.  I almost always have a camera with me so I shoot life.  Anything that I find interesting along the way.  This is why you see such an odd mix of photos from architectural to people to beautiful sunsets from the midwest.  To me photography is simply an extension of my artist canvas.  Sometimes I even take photographs with the purpose in mind of making a painting of it later.

I hope you enjoy my photographs...