About my Director of Photography work...

Hello everyone,

The scenes you see on my Director of Photography page is some of my very latest DP work.   

Although I spent 22 years in the film industry in the midwest before moving to LA, 14 of those years I spent working as a midwest Director of Photography.  I owned an Arriflex SRII for about 11 years as well as a BetaCam and eventually a High Def Panasonic Varicam.  I built a very strong business and won 5 regional Emmy awards from the St. Louis and Detroit chapters respectively for my commercial work.  I shot commercials, documentaries, corporate and many TV News image campaigns in Detroit, Chicago, Miami, Kansas City and Minneapolis.  I sort of became one of the bigger fish in that pond but I knew I had more to learn.  

Every now and then an LA or NY job would come through my town and bring DP's from LA or NY to shoot them.  I would either supply them gear or operate a 2nd camera, etc.  I really enjoyed working beside them and watching them work.  I was learning from them and many of them had new ideas, a new approach that I had not seen or thought of.  That really opened my eyes and I realized I had more to learn.  That led me to an interesting decision.  In 2004 I took a bold step backward and became a full time Steadicam/camera operator but at a much higher level from my midwest work.  This huge change in my life created opportunities for me to work on more "drama" related work like feature films and TV shows based from Hollywood.  (This explains why I became a full time operator and let go of the DP thing.)

I decided in 2004 that I wanted to spend about 10 years operating for great DP's, learn all I can and then make my move back up to DP.  I spent the past 10 years honing my skills as an operator while all that time learning from some of the very best DP's working in the business today.  Oscar winner Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC, indie feature DP Phil Parmet and Television DP's like David Boyd, ASC, John Flynn III, ASC and Oliver Bokelberg, ASC.  2014 marks my 10th year as an operator so hopefully this year will be my year to move back up to DP full time.  I am always looking for projects to shoot, features, commercials, etc.

Ironically in 2014 I happened to be nominated as Camera Operator of the Year in Television for my work on the TV show, Scandal.  How ironic that nomination came in my 10th year as an operator.  I am very honored and humbled by such a high honor.

Thanks for reading...