SOC Award for Scandal...WOW!


Sorry I have not written in the blog for a long time...I been really busy 65-70 hours a week the past 4 years working on Scandal.

Words can't even begin to describe the natural high one can get from winning this prestigious award from the Society of Camera Operators.  I feel very blessed and honored.  

I absolutely must give an enormous amount of credit to Jack Messitt, SOC our B camera operator and the rest of the Scandal camera team and our dolly grips.  

Jon Zarkos     A cam Key 1st AC 

Tony Schultz  A cam 2nd AC

Rick "Barney" Maxey A cam dolly grip

Jack Messitt, SOC B cam operator

Emily Mackley B cam 1st AC

Gayle Hillary B cam 2nd AC

Eugene Rivera B cam dolly grip

Andrew Lemon Digital Image Technician

George Montejano Utility

Oliver Bokelberg, ASC Director of Photography

Daryn Okada, ASC alternating Director of Photography


Make no mistake that it takes every one of these people and all of those folks in post/editing to bring you the images that makes Scandal look like Scandal.  I was lucky enough to be given the award but I truly share this award with EVERYONE on the TEAM.  SCANDAL is a TEAM EFFORT!