Steven Fracol, SOC

(323) 301-6790


Feature Films – Steadicam - Camera Operator

Get A Job, A Operator/Steadicam (DP-David Hennings)(Dir-Dylan Kidd)

Gangster Squad, C Operator (DP-Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC)(Dir-Ruben Fleischer)

Green Lantern, A Operator (Additional Photography) (DP-Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC) (Dir- Martin Campbell)

Land Of The Lost, Steadicam Operator (DP-Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC) (Dir-Brad Silberling)

The Burrowers, A Operator/Steadicam (DP-Phil Parmet) (Dir-J.T. Petty)

Tyson,  B Camera Operator/Steadicam  (DP-Larry McConkey) (Dir-James Toback)

Sunshine Cleaning, Steadicam Operator (DP-John Toon, ACS) (Dir-Christine Jeffs)

Ticking Clock, A Operator/Steadicam, (DP-Phil Parmet) (Dir-Ernie Barbarash)

The Box , Steadicam Op/B Op/2nd Unit DP  (DP-Sion Michel, ACS) (Dir-Joe Kparr)

Lovely, Still, Additional Steadicam Op (DP Sean Kirby) (Dir Nik Fakler)

Bunker Hill, Steadicam Operator       (DP-Matt Jacobson) (Dir-Kevin Wilmont)

The Only Good Indian, Steadicam Operator (DP-Matt Jacobson) (Dir-Kevin Wilmont)

All Roads Lead Home, Steadicam Operator (DP-Fred Paddock) (Dir-Dennis Fallon)

         AIR, Steadicam Operator (Dir/DP-Jeremy Osborne)

Layover, Steadicam Operator (DP-Joe Farris) (Dir-April Wright)

Out of Omaha, Steadicam Op/A Camera Op (DP-James Bartle, ACS) (Dir-Linda Vorhees)

Kansas City,  Steadicam for driving scene (DP-Oliver Stapleton) (Dir-Robert Altman)


Television, Steadicam Operator - Camera Operator

TV Shows   Scandal A Camera Op/Steadicam, Seasons 2, 3, 4 and 5

Sons of Anarchy B Camera Op/Steadicam, Seasons 1/2/3/4  2008-2011    51 Episodes

My Boys  B Camera/Steadicam Op, Season 2/3/4, 27 eps-2008-2010

                   Breaking In B Operator/Steadicam, 6 Episodes

True Blood B Camera Op/Steadicam various episodes

No Ordinary Family  Steadicam Op/A and B Op various eps.

                   Shameless  Additional Camera Operator various eps.

                   The Closer B Operator/Steadicam various eps.


Commercials, Partial - Steadicam Operator - Camera Operator  

                   Intel “Lab” DP Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC

         Dr. Pepper “10” DP Dion Beebe, ACS, ASC

Dior “Homme Sport”-Jude Law (Director-Daniel Askill/DP Mandy Walker, ACS)

                   Turbo Tax (Director/DP Mandy Walker, ACS)

                   Hallmark Cards (Director/DP Mandy Walker, ACS)

         Wal-Mart “Diamondz Bratz”  (Director/DP Russ Hadley)

         Gordman’s “Pockets”  (Director/DP Russ Hadley)

Wal-Mart/Nikelodeon (Grandmas House) “Nick Picks” (Director/DP Russ Hadley)

Washington Nationals “Baseball Fans”  (Director/DP Ryan Stadlman)

                   Gail’s Harley Davidson (Director/DP Ryan Stadlman)


Commercials, as Director of Photography – 16mm/35mm/High Def

                   Sprint/Nextel “Tailgate” and “Subway” for Super Bowl kiosk

         Wal-Mart “Post Holiday Sale Ad”

                   MTV 2 “Anti Social” Campaign

Russell Stover Candies

         United Way “Heartland”

         Anheuser-Busch, Inc.  “BudFari” Contest Spots

                   The Jones Store Co. “Thanksgiving Sale”

                  WTVJ-6 Miami,  Station Image,  Weather Image

                  WXYZ-7 Detroit, “Spirit of Detroit,” Station Image

                  WBBM-2 Chicago Station Image


Music Video

Fergie/John Legend “Finally” (Dir-Mark Webb/DP Max Goldman)

         Cassanova “Uh Huh” (Dir- Clifton Bell/DP Bruce Cole)

         Troop  “Audacity” (Dir-Rayce Denton/DP Steve Fracol)



“Fredric Brown Retrospect” Kemper Museum (Inland Sea Productions) 2nd Unit Cinematographer, Steve Fracol

“Last Stand of the Tall Grass Prairie” PBS (Inland Sea Productions) Additional Cinematographer, Steve Fracol

DP Leon Ault

“Over Kansas City” PBS Special,  Director of Photography, Steve Fracol

“Crackdown:  Reclaiming Our Streets” WDAF-4, B Camera/Steve Fracol

“Dry and Desperate” WDAF-4,  Director of Photography,

Steve Fracol




2015 WIN for Camera Operator of the Year Television for work on Scandal

2015 Nomination for Camera Operator of the Year Television for work on Scandal

2014 Nomination for Camera Operator of the Year Television for work on Scandal

2013 Nomination for Camera Operator of the Year Television for work on Scandal

2010 to 2013 Serving on the Board of Governors for the Society of Camera Operators as            2nd Vice President and Education Chair

2008 to 2010 Serving on the Board of Governors for the Society of Camera Operators as             Education Chair

2007 Serving as Co-Chair for HD Solutions DP/Steadicam Track NAB 07

2006 Member of the Local 600 Cinematographers Guild as a Cam Op

2006 Serving as an instructor for the HD EXPO “VariCamp” workshops    

2005 Active member of the SOC (Society of CameraOperators)

2005 Active member of the Steadicam Guild

2004 Member of the SOA (Steadicam Operators Association)

2004 Pollie Award, Silver, for Peter Defazio “Car” spot, Category

         Democratic National Congressional TV Ad (DP/Steadicam)

1998 Emmy Award, Detroit Regional (Station News Image Promotion) 
         WXYZ-TV “Spirit of Detroit Christmas,” Director of Photography 1998 Medical Marketing Association “Gold” and “Best of Show” for
         “Ace Games” faux documentary, Director of Photography

1997 Emmy Award, St. Louis Regional, KCTV-5 (Out of House) “Stan
         Finds Out, Part 2,” Director of Photography

1996 Emmy Award, St. Louis Regional (Out of House) “Stan Finds Out,”
         Director of Photography.

1994 Emmy Award, St. Louis Regional (On-Air Promotion) KCTV-5

                                 Image Campaign, “5 Stands for News.”  Director of Photography

            1994 Missouri Broadcaster’s Award – 1st Place – “KCTV-5 Promotion,”
                     Director of Photography

1994 Chicago’s Intercom ’94 Film and Video Festival – Certificate of
         Merit/Special Achievement in Cinematography, “Jack & Jill,”
         Director of Photography

1994 Kansas Film Festival – 2nd Place (Original Short Film) “Jack & Jill,”
         Director of Photography

1990 Emmy Award, St. Louis Regional

         (News Special) “Crackdown:  Reclaiming Our Streets,” Videographer

1987 ACKC TV-20 Award Best Camera Operator-Remote Production




1994 to Current         Owner, FracolVision, Inc.


FracolVision, Inc. supports the advance of Cinematography through Steadicam and Camera Operating at the highest level.  I own and operate a top of the line Steadicam.  I work with all camera formats; Super 8mm film, 16mm, 35mm, HD, etc.  My Steadicam can handle IMAX as well as 3D.  My work includes commercials, features, corporate, documentary, music video and television shows. 


            1993-1994       RSVP Studios and Productions-Director of Photography

1992-1993       Promotions Department-WDAF-4-Kansas City

1989-1992       News Photographer-WDAF-4-Kansas City

1987-1989       Studio Mgr./ENG Cameraman KCPT-19 PBS-Kansas City

1986-1987       American Cablevision-Camera Op/Hand-Held